Founded by John Khader and a group of community leaders. MPAC is a coalition of Westchester County citizens who represent a diverse community from all socio-economic backgrounds. These citizens are committed to promoting and implementing initiatives, activities and strategies which promote and advocate for social justice, equality and accountability for a large number of individuals who feel both disenfranchised and unaware of the governmental, economical and social aspects that affect our community for future generations.

The goals and objectives of MPAC are specifically designed to inform and educate our members and community at large, allowing them to have a voice that is heard and an opportunity to participate in the political and social advancement, as well as making sure their issues are heard and addressed by public awareness and supporting candidates who share MPAC’s mission.

Members of MPAC feel that this Community based organization has become a necessity as a result of elected officials and the political parties that they represent, losing focus on why they entered public service, serving and advocating for the community as a whole.

MPAC Candidate's Night