Gallery of Events

                                         Gallery of photos from our past events, can be viewed by clicking on the event flyer.

1st Annual Dinner Gala 2016
2nd Annual Arab-American Day 2017
GOTV Dinner Rally 2018
Meet & Greet Coffee Hour
Grab & Go Meals for the Community
Arab American Heritage Month 2021
Thanksgiving Luncheon 2021
Summer BBQ July 2, 2022
8th Annual Dinner Awards 2023
9th Annual Arab American Festival 2024
1st Arab-American Day 2016
3rd Annual Dinner Gala 2018
4th Annual Dinner Gala 2019
Candidate's Night 2019
Class of 2020
6th Annual Arab American Heritage Day
Christmas Lunch 2021
7th Annual Arab Festival 2022
2nd Annual Summer BBQ 2023
GOTV DinnerRally 2016
3rd Annual Arab-American Day 2018
National Arab-American Month 2019
2019 GOTV Dinner Rally
Meet & Greet
Coffee Meet & Greet
Italian American Heritage Month
7th Annual Dinner Gala 2022
8th Annual Arab American Festival Day 2023
2nd Annual Dinner Gala 2017
Candidate's Night 2018
4th Annual Arab-American Day 2019
5th Annual Dinner Gala 2020
6th Annual Dinner Awards 2021
Meet & Greet The Candidates 2021
National Arab American Month 2022
Thanksgiving Luncheon 2022
9th Annual Dinner Awards 2024