Gallery of photos from our past events, can be viewed by clicking on the event flyer.

1st Annual Dinner Gala 2016
2nd Annual Arab-American Day 2017
GOTV Dinner Rally 2018
Meet & Greet Coffee Hour
Grab & Go Meals for the Community
1st Arab-American Day 2016
3rd Annual Dinner Gala 2018
4th Annual Dinner Gala 2019
Candidate's Night 2019
Class of 2020
GOTV DinnerRally 2016
3rd Annual Arab-American Day 2018
National Arab-American Month 2019
2019 GOTV Dinner Rally
Meet & Greet
Coffee Meet & Greet
2nd Annual Dinner Gala 2017
Candidate's Night 2018
4th Annual Arab-American Day 2019
5th Annual Dinner Gala 2020